Golf: Fixture List

Fixture List

January 2017

7th Jan Winter Stableford
8th Jan Dixon Salver
15th Jan Dixon Salver
22nd Jan Dixon Salver
28th Jan Eclectic No. 1
29th Jan Dixon Salver

February 2017

4th Feb Eclectic No. 2
5th Feb Dixon Salver
11th Feb Winter Stableford
12th Feb Dixon Salver
18th Feb Eclectic No. 3
19th Feb Dixon Salver
25th Feb Ladies Daily Mail Qualifier
26th Feb Dixon Salver

March 2017

4th Mar Fred Fleming Rd 1
5th Mar Fred Fleming 1/4 final
11th Mar Eclectic No. 4
12th Mar Fred Fleming Semi Final
18th Mar Winter Stableford Final
19th Mar Fred Fleming Final
26th Mar B&S Caterpillar Trophy No. 1

April 2017

1st Apr Singles/Doubles KO's Begin
2nd Apr Lombard Trophy Qualifier
8th Apr Texas Scramble Open
9th Apr April Stableford
14th Apr Good Friday 9 Hole Social
16th Apr Speight Trophy no. 1
19th Apr Teesside Alliance Golf Day
30th Apr B&S Caterpillar Trophy No. 2

May 2017

2nd May Lion League
3rd May Ladies Stableford Comp
3rd May TSU Hartlepool (away)
5th May Lion League
6th May Best 2 From 4 Open
7th May Speight Trophy No. 2
9th May Lion League
10th May TSU Eaglescliffe (home)
12th May Lion League
13th May Ladies May Lowrie Qualifier
14th May Peter Bryant Classic
15th May Ladies Team - Whickham (away)
16th May Lion League
17th May TSU Cleveland (away)
19th May DCGU County Champ Rd. 1 (8am-3pm)
19th May Lion League
20th May DCGU County Champ Rd. 2 (8am-3pm)
21st May DCGU County Champ Rd 3/4 (7am-2pm)
22nd May Ladies Team - Billingham (away)
23rd May Lion League
24th May TSU Castle Eden (home)
26th May Lion League
27th May Ladies Ping 4BBB Qualifier
28th May B&S Caterpillar Trophy No. 3
29th May Texas Scramble & BBQ Social
30th May Lion League
31st May TSU Billingham (away)

June 2017

2nd Jun Lion League
3rd Jun Speight Final
4th Jun Spring Stableford
5th Jun Ladies Team - Bolden (away)
6th Jun Lion League
7th Jun TSU Bishop Auckland (home)
7th Jun Ladies Stableford Comp
9th Jun Lion League
10th Jun Gents Open
11th Jun Goodswen Rosebowl
13th Jun Lion League
14th Jun Mixed Open Event
14th Jun TSU Brass Castle (away)
16th Jun Lion League
16th Jun Stockton Borough Council Mayor's Charity Day
18th Jun Dimartino Cup
20th Jun Lion League
21st Jun TSU Hartlepool (home)
22nd Jun ILP Golf Day
23rd Jun Lion League
23rd Jun Driver Golf Day
25th Jun B&S Caterpillar Trophy No.4
26th Jun Ladies Team - Whickham (home)
27th Jun Lion League
28th Jun TSU Eaglescliffe (away)
30th Jun Lion League
30th Jun Document Solutions Golf Day

July 2017

2nd Jul MBE Electrical Salver
4th Jul Lion League
5th Jul Ladies Stableford Comp
5th Jul TSU Cleveland (home)
7th Jul Lion League
7th Jul Erimus Insurance Golf Day
8th Jul Club Championship Div.1
9th Jul Club Championship Div.1, 2 & 3
11th Jul Lion League
12th Jul TSU Castle Eden (away)
14th Jul Lion League
14th Jul PSL Golf Day
16th Jul Sir John Hall Trophy
17th Jul Ladies Team - Bolden (home)
18th Jul Lion League
19th Jul TSU Billingham (home)
20th Jul XSEM Golf Day
21st Jul Lion League
22nd Jul Summer Medal
23rd Jul Member's Invite 1+1
24th Jul Ladies Team - Billingham (home)
25th Jul Lion League
25th Jul Porche Teesside Golf Day
26th Jul TSU Bishop Auckland (away)
28th Jul Lion League
30th Jul B&S Caterpillar Trophy No. 5

August 2017

1st Aug Senior Open
2nd Aug Ladies Stableford Comp
2nd Aug TSU Brass Castle (home)
4th Aug Lion League
5th Aug Senior Trophy
6th Aug JAYVEE Classic
8th Aug Lion League
11th Aug Lion League
15th Aug Lion League
17th Aug Team Open Event
18th Aug Lion League
20th Aug Summer Stableford
23rd Aug Lion League
25th Aug Lion League
27th Aug B&S Caterpillar Trophy Final
28th Aug Texas Scramble & BBQ Social
29th Aug Lion League

September 2017

1st Sep Lion League
3rd Sep Ron Evans Cup
5th Sep Lion League
6th Sep Ladies Stableford Comp
7th Sep TBI Golf Day
8th Sep Hartlepool Hospice Charity Day
10th Sep Russell Jones Trophy
11th Sep TSU Mixed Event
14th Sep Hendersons Insurance Golf Day
16th Sep Lion League Final
17th Sep 1 Member & 3 Guests

October 2017

1st Oct Dixon Salver
8th Oct Dixon Salver
15th Oct Dixon Salver
21st Oct Winter Stableford
22nd Oct Dixon Salver
29th Oct Dixon Salver

November 2017

5th Nov Dixon Salver
8th Nov NDG Alliance
12th Nov Dixon Salver
19th Nov Dixon Salver
24th Nov Annual Prize Giving
26th Nov Winter Stableford

December 2017

2nd Dec Christmas Open Event
3rd Dec Turkey Trot
10th Dec Winter Stableford
17th Dec Turkey Trot
23rd Dec Christmas Sweep
30th Dec Pro's Sweep
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